Management and Monitoring Dashboard

BeBack offers business customers to have all their workstations, servers and cloud systems managed and monitored from a single, web-based dashboard. This allows you to manage and monitor your environment from a “single pane of glass”; you can quickly see any failed backups, drill down to uncover the root cause and address it, add and remove systems and users as needed.

Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Knowing that you can bring up your systems within the required time reliably is critically important. The BeBack backup solutions offer a range of options to for example check every backup by performing an immediate restore and bringing the system up to test, be it in your environment or our cloud.

Emergency Cloud Capacity

Do you need emergency cloud capacity or do you wish to host some of your systems in a backup facility? BeBack facilitates these special requirements from our own facility or via a public cloud provider.

Advisory, Design and Implementation

Do you need help in designing the right solution or even developing a highly customized backup or disaster recovery solution? Or would you like BeBack to handle design and implementation? Our experts are available to support in any manner required. 

Why BeBack Backup and Disaster is right for you

Advantages of BeBack Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ease of use

simple to install and use, install and go!

Data Encryption

All your data is encrypted during transfer and storage

Data Privacy

Compliant with strict EU data privacy regulation and stored in the EU

Cost Effective

Reasonable pricing and no hidden charges. What you see is what you get

Restore to any location

Need to restore? You choose where to restore it. To your desktop, backup machine, bare metal, etc. - the choice is yours

Ransomware Protection

Restore back to a known restore point in the past and see if and when your data is affected

Full Disaster Recovery Options

Professional DR options allow you to perform regular, automated restore tests hourly, daily, weekly or at your selected interval

Cloud and On-Premise

Have a mix of cloud and on-premise? We have you covered, all from a single bundle

Full Control

View and control your backups, restores and disaster recovery settings from a single dashboard

Local Speed Vault

Need Cloud backup but want maximum restore speed in case of an incident? Our local speed vault technology provides you with a local copy for fast restore

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