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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Yes, it is. For all platforms the data is encrypted both in transit as well as at rest (i.e. when it is stored on our servers) so even we don’t cannot access your files.

    Please note that for client & server backup you have the ability to specify your own keys if you wish (don’t loose them, because otherwise nobody can recover your data). For NAS backup most NAS systems support sending encrypted backups using a password you define.

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    Setting up your Synology NAS for usage with BeBack NAS backup is simple since Synology offers the tools you need right out of the box. Follow the steps listed below to get your NAS backup going.


    • Web acces to the NAS console
    • Administrator login credentials

    Setup steps:

    • Step 1: Log onto your NAS as administrator (admin) user; you should see a screen similar to this:
    • Step 2: Start the Synology Hyper Backup application. Note: if you cannot locate the application click on the icon in the top left corner and select the application. If you cannot find it, try to install it from the “Package Center”
    • Step 3: Follow the steps in the “Backup Wizard” (see image below) and select:
      • “S3 Storage” as Backup Destination followed by “Next”
      • For the S3 server add
        • Custom Server URL
        • Server address:
        • Signature version: leave as “v2”
        • Access Key: see your BeBack activation mail
        • Secret Key: see your BeBack activation mail
        • Bucket Name: see your BeBack activation mail
        • Directory: set as “/” (without the hyphens)
      • Select “Next”
    • Step 4: Define the backup intervals and test your backup by running it
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    Setting up a QNAP NAS for BeBack NAS backup is simple since the QNAP NAS platform has the required tools on board already. Follow these steps below to setup your backup.


    • You need web-access to the QNAP console
    • You need administrator login details

    Setup Process:

    1. Log onto the web-user interface of your QNAP NAS as administrator. Refer to your QNAP manual for details on how to access the web-UI if you are not familiar with this. You should be greeted with a screen similar to this.

    2. Start the HBS3 Hybrid Backup Sync application. NOTE: if this application is not installed on your system, then first check by clicking the “hamburger” icon on the top left to see if it isn’t hidden and otherwise start the “App Center” and install the application. You will be see a screen that looks something like this.

    3. Select Storage spaces and then “create”; from the available options select “Amazon S3 and S3 Compatible”. Add your credentials as follows (see image below also):

    • Name: Any name you wish to set and that makes sense to you
    • Service provider: “S3 Compatible”
    • Server address:
    • Access Key: see your BeBack activation e-mail for details
    • Secret Key: see your BeBack activation e-mail for details

    4. On the left tool bar select “Jobs”, create a job and add the details as follows:

    • Job Name and Description as you see fit
    • Local folders: select the folders you wish to back up
    • Remote folders: select the BeBack NAS path that you just created in step 3
    • In the schedule menu define how often you want the job to run. BeBack suggests that you run the job at least once a day at a convenient time when there is no usage on the system. More frequent backups are equally possible.
      • Note that QNAP NAS also allow you setup version management in this step, meaning that you can define how many versions you wish to keep. If you are unsure what to do we suggest you use the default (which is off) since setting up version management will result in using more storage space.
    • In the rules section define any filters you wish to apply and BeBack suggests that you use data compression if you are on a slower connection or wish to ensure that you minimise the amount of space taken on the backup system.
      • Note that in the policies section you can use client side encryption which ensures that your NAS encrypts the data before it is sent to us. Even though BeBack encrypts your data in transit and at rest, we do suggest you enable this option. If you do not have a very powerful internet connections, we also suggest you enable rate limit to set it to no more than 50% of your Internet connections upload speed. This will ensure that your backup does not take up all your bandwidth. Under options you can also define when you wish to be notified if failed and/or completed backups.
    • Save your setup and test run it from the “Jobs” menu to ensure that the backup works
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    If you have a full system backup we do support restoring to VM’s as well as bare metal environments providing you with maximum flexibility. If needed BeBack also offers on-demand cloud capacity so you can restore to a cloud environment if needed in case of a disaster.

    Finally, BeBack Backup also offers you the ability to restore at regular intervals automatically into a backup environment, bring up the machine in question, make a console snapshot and provide you the details so you have verification that the machine can be fully restored and restarted in a backup environment.

    For business customers we suggest that you contact us so we can understand your specific requirement and advise you. This advice is free of charge.

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    While restoring from the cloud is quite fast, depending on your internet connection, BeBack backup also offers business customers the ability to run a local “speed vault” and therefore enable a low(er) RTO. The “speed vault” allows you to back-up and restore from the local speed vault that then synchronizes with the BeBack cloud-based backup solution, therefore offering you the best of both worlds. Contact us for more information.

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    BeBack by default backs up your data in the EU but offers global options as well (see table below). All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, accessible only to yourself, so meeting even the strictest requirements should not be an issue. In case of any specific requests, questions or concerns please contact us. 

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    Your data is secured both in transit, i.e. when the data is transmitted to our servers, is encrypted locally using AES-256 bit encryption before being transmitted using a TLS 1.2 secure connection. 

    BeBack Backup & Recovery delivers an encrypted backup solution. Its flexibility of data storage encryption options — 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish — allows BeBack Backup & Recovery to fit well into security policies and processes of most IT environments, including organizations with the strictest security requirements. Only the backup administrator owns the encryption key for recovering and accessing the encrypted backup.

    In addition we offer globally distributed data centers for backup (except BeBack NAS) with the default being Europe/The Netherlands but other options available on demand. All BeBack Backup data centers are protected by 24/7/365 physical security, deliver on the promise of 99.999% uptime and meet the following certifications:

    • ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001
    • OHSAS 18801
    • PCI DSS
    • Chapter 9-compliant SSAE16 SOC1

    A per country overview is provided in the table below. 

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    If you have signed up for BeBack backup you can cancel within 30 days from signing up without incurring any charges (trial period). You can cancel your subscription by login into your account that you created when you ordered and cancelling your trial. Please note that your cancellation is only valid if you received an e-mail confirming the cancellation.

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    Once you have placed your order and paid your subscription, you will receive an email including 1) a download link to the backup client software for you to install on your machine, 2) a username and 3) a password. With this information you can install the backup software and then select the directories for it to backup. 

    NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours to receive your credentials.

    Business customers will also receive a dashboard login that will allow them to view the status of all systems and manage the backup process accordingly.

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    BeBack Documents is a great way to balance cost with maximum benefit. It is designed to let you back up your important documents only at a very affordable cost. Depending on your settings the backup client can scan your entire hard drive for such documents and back them all up without any specific user action.

    Please find below the full list of file types supported by the Backup Documents below.

    Text files

    Microsoft Word (Office 97-2003)

    File extensionFile type name
    .DOCWord document
    .DOTWord document template
    .WBKWord backup document

    Microsoft Word Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)

    File extensionFile type name
    .DOCBWord binary document
    .DOCMWord macro-enabled document
    .DOCXWord document
    .DOTXWord document template

    Other types of text files

    File extensionFile type name
    .ODTOpenDocument text document
    .PAGESPages document
    .PSWPocket word document
    .RTFRich text format file
    .SDWStarOffice Writer text document
    .STWStarOffice document Template
    .SXWStarOffice Writer document
    .TXTPlain text file
    .UOFUniform Office document
    .UOTUniform Office document
    .VORStarOffice template
    .WPDWordPerfect document
    .WPSMicrosoft Works word processor file

    Data files

    File extensionFile type name
    .CSVComma-separated values file
    .ODCOffice data connection file
    .ODFApache OpenOffice math file
    .ONEOneNote document
    .PSTOutlook personal information store file
    .SLKSymbiotic link file
    .XMLExtensible Markup Language data file

    Page layout files

    File extensionFile type name
    .ODGOpenDocument drawing file
    .PDFPortable document format file
    .PUBMicrosoft Publisher publication
    .XPSXML paper specification file

    Presentation files

    Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 97-2003)

    File extensionFile type name
    .POTPowerPoint template
    .PPSPowerPoint slide show
    .PPTPowerPoint presentation

    Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)

    File extensionFile type name
    .POTMPowerPoint macro-enabled presentation template
    .POTXPowerPoint template
    .PPAMPowerPoint macro-enabled add-in
    .PPSMPowerPoint macro-enabled slide show
    .PPSXPowerPoint slide show
    .PPTMPowerPoint macro-enabled presentation
    .PPTXPowerPoint presentation
    .SLDMPowerPoint macro-enabled slide
    .SLDXPowerPoint slide

    Other types of presentation files

    File extensionFile type name
    .KEYKeynote presentation
    .ODPOpenDocument presentation
    .OTPOpenDocument presentation template
    .SDDStarOffice presentation
    .STIStarOffice presentation template
    .SXIStarOffice Impress presentation
    .UOPUniform office presentation

    Spreadsheet files

    Microsoft Excel (Office 97-2003)

    File extensionFile type name
    .XLMExcel macro file
    .XLSExcel workbook
    .XLTExcel template

    Microsoft Excel Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)

    File extensionFile type name
    .XLSMExcel macro-enabled workbook
    .XLSXExcel workbook
    .XLTMExcel macro-enabled template
    .XLTXExcel template

    Misc. Excel formats

    File extensionFile type name
    .XLAExcel add-in file that contains macros
    .XLAMExcel add-in file
    .XLLExcel add-in file
    .XLSBExcel binary worksheet (BIFF12)
    .XLWExcel work space

    Other types of spreadsheets

    File extensionFile type name
    .DIFData interchange format
    .NUMBERSApple Numbers application file
    .ODSOpenDocument spreadsheet
    .PXLPocket Excel file
    .SDCApache OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet
    .STCStarOffice Calc spreadsheet template
    .SXCStarOffice Calc spreadsheet
    .UOSUniform Office spreadsheet
    .XLRMicrosoft Works spreadsheet

    Database files

    Microsoft Access

    File extensionFile type name
    .ACCDBAccess 2007 database file
    .ACCDEAccess execute only database
    .ACCDRAccess runtime application
    .ACCDTMicrosoft Access database template
    .MDBMicrosoft Access database

    Other types of database files

    File extensionFile type name
    .DBFDatabase file
    .PDBProgram database

    Vector Image files

    Microsoft Office Visio

    File extensionFile type name
    .VDXVisio Drawing XML file
    .VSDVisio Drawing file
    .VDSMVisio Macro-Enabled drawing
    .VSDXVisio Drawing
    .VSLVisio Add-on
    .VSSVisio Stencil file
    .VSSXVisio Stencil file
    .VSTVisio Drawing template
    .VSTMVisio Macro-enabled drawing template
    .VSTXVisio Drawing template
    .VSWVisio workspace file
    .VSXVisio Stencil XML file
    .VTXVisio Template XML file

    Other types of vector image files

    File extensionFile type name
    .OTGOpenDocument graphic template
    .SDAStarOffice drawing
    .STDApache OpenOffice drawing template
    .SXDStarOffice drawing

    Compressed files

    File extensionFile type name
    .BDOCBinary DigiDoc signature file

    Backup files

    File extensionFile type name
    .QBBQuickBooks backup file

    Web files

    File extensionFile type name
    .OTHOpenDocument HTML template
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